Prevent physical & mental ill health

Increase morale, productivity & positive health behaviours

Early intervention, support & coaching for those of concern

Minimise overall risk, absenteeism & turnover

WHY It Works:

  • Evidence based health Check in survey framework with immediate feedback and support  

  • Allied health phone/video coaching and support     available 7am to 7pm daily

  • Virtual coach available 24/7 with onsite services available as required

  • Health risk and concerns proactively managed via a cost effective targeted approach

  • Increase general awareness of health and wellbeing, and how the participants' individual health and     wellbeing is tracking

  • Real time reporting for organisational insights and measurable outcomes

  • Empowering individuals to understand health and wellbeing and to make and sustain positive changes

3 Levels of Coaching

Virtual Coach

Phone / Video Coach

Onsite Coach

what Health CI Provides


The Health Ci framework allows more people to be interacted with than any other health and wellbeing program.

Multi-modal interactions

App, phone and face to face coaching, plus personalised interventions in the mode that suits the user.

An affordable solution

Starting from as little as $830 per month, Ci allows us to partner with you to ensure an effective use of resources.


Providing information on population and individual health and wellbeing, so the right resources are allocated to the right places.

Genuine change

Empowering users to understand their health and wellbeing, make positive changes to improve it, and sustain these changes into the future.

Real results

An evidence based, holistic and real solution to better health and wellbeing.