Breaking Down What We Do


We understand the health and wellbeing of your workforce and provide early identification of concerns.

We provide staff with the tools to understand how their individual health and wellbeing is tracking, and implement appropriate intervention and mitigation to where it's needed most.


Targeted support for individuals and sites from our multi-model coaching. Coaching supports a person to adopt new behaviours, empowering them to take action.

Our coaches support workplaces to implement appropriate intervention and mitigation to where it's needed most.


By creating awareness of health and wellbeing, along with support to change behaviours, habits are formed, which lead to long term change.

Our reporting will map engagement and health outcomes for the individual and organisation.

Building a healthy, productive & positive culture through improving health & wellbeing


This starts immediately from the program launch and is continued via ongoing initiatives and communications to ensure the highest levels of participation. It is our consistent 70+% program engagement that leads to positive health and wellbeing change.

Targeted focus

We target early identification of health concerns and key site trends to provide analysis and recommendations at an individual and organisational level. We then target program engagement and focused outcomes according to a clients needs at an individual and organisational level.

Return on investment

There are many tangible ways of measuring our success. A reduction in the rate of employees in the targeted health-risk categories lowers absenteeism from illness and injury, creates happier, healthier and more productive employees, and reduces workers compensation claims.

Measurable results

Through our easy access data reporting, our programs are able to demonstrate tangible improvement to the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of our clients.


As an organisation, HBP Group has been focused on workplace and employee health and wellbeing for over 18 years. Over this time, the business has grown to enable presence right across Australia, and internationally via Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

The two central components to the successful growth and consequently outcomes of our programs has been the genuine focus on personal engagement, and developing program systems and resources to ensure that high levels of engagement are supported by relevant and meaningful interventions.

In 2018, StLukes Health became a shareholder of HBP Group, helping drive our business forward, and offering additional all of life benefits to those we work with.

In order to continue driving successful outcomes for individuals and organisations on an ever increasing and cost effective scale, HBP Group has continued to innovate and invest in technological augmentation to maximize access and support to individuals and provide real time comprehensive insight for organisations.

Multi-disciplinary Team

We provide expertise through our multi-disciplinary approach to workplace health. Our onsite physiologists are complimented by our specialist team that includes occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, dietetics, and communications. It is this multi-disciplinary approach that drives the depth of our multi-modal coaching services, ensuring that participants in our programs are getting the most effective support they need every time.

HBP Group head office is situated in Hobart, Tasmania, with staff situated across all states and territories throughout Australia. Additionally we have over a dozen staff throughout Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.