Managing what we measure

Unquestionably the biggest shift in our business over the years was around 2008, when it became abundantly clear that just providing great services, and seeing positive individual results, wasn’t enough to justify why we mattered to companies.

We invested in making sure that not only were we able to capture meaningful data across all areas of our programs, but also that we could then use that data to shape the needs of the program.  We could also clearly demonstrate the positive impacts we were having in the area that mattered most to the organisations that we were working with.

All of our data is aggregated, de-identified and reported to you. This data is wide ranging from program and services usage, through to the health and wellbeing oversite of your workforce, specific sites and patterns. Crucially, we also report on the effect of the program to ensure we remain a positive return on investment for your organisation and its people.

Our HealthCi program also provides de-identified data from the Ci surveys relating to overall trends and patterns. This can help direct appropriate attention to assist in shaping policy and support in the areas it is required. For example: data may reveal specific issues in nutrition or particular patterns of sites.

With this data driven approach our HealthCi coaches can support you as an organisation through review and decisions on environment, policies and regional influences. This partnership approach ensures health and wellbeing solutions are directed where they are needed and align with your overall goals and operating context.

With a successful health and wellbeing program, organisations will see increases in productivity, less sick leave and a reduction in turnover due to a more engaged workforce with an employer of choice.