The Health Check-in

Health Ci has been developed from a range of evidence based sources that combine to focus on key components of physical and mental health and wellbeing. These have been specifically developed to provide early identification of concerns that may indicate a greater likelihood of injury, fatigue, or poor mental and physical health.

Participants are provided immediate insight into how their health and wellbeing is tracking and are directed towards relevant supporting materials.

The results of the Health Ci then place the user within an individualised and multi-modal training pathway.

The Health Ci is a tool that allows both individuals and organisations to effectively identify and measure health and wellbeing concerns and outcomes.

Importantly the user is not just presented with a list of problems, instead being coached through education and making change, specific to their Health Ci result and therefore their individual health and wellbeing needs.

3 Levels of Coaching

Virtual Coach

Phone / Video Coach

Onsite Coach

The Coach

Health Ci identifies those with health and wellbeing concerns. Our coaches then follow up with the participant to discuss their results, gain context and determine if the user will benefit from making changes to their health and wellbeing. All coaching sessions are part of the individual's health and wellbeing plan.

Our coaches are trained and equipped to guide participants to meaningful health and wellbeing outcomes via a framework of increasing awareness, taking action to improve their health and wellbeing and sustainable behaviour for long term change.

Coaching is delivered in three modes:

  1. Onsite coach - Face to face onsite coaching for those with the highest levels of concern or who will benefit most from face to face interactions in order to achieve a positive outcome. Onsite Coaches work in conjunction with our phone based coaches.

  2. Phone based coach - Phone-based coaches offer flexibility and reach for organisations and users.

  3. Virtual coach - Built within the Ci app is the Virtual Coach. The Virtual Coach provides ongoing support to the user based on their Health Ci results.

Podcasts, videos and articles

Exercise & nutrition plans

Personalised action plans

Social feed & notifications

Interactive tools & more

Additional Support

The supporting Health Ci mobile app provides a range of additional support materials and resources that can be helpful to those seeking more targeted information, or those still in the pre-contemplation stage more interested in passive engagement and learning.

Support materials include:

  • Podcasts

  • Relevant articles

  • Videos

  • Recipes

  • Exercise plans

  • Plus heaps of other interactive tools

The app also contains personal built-in push notification reminders to further support self management.

HPB Group's Foundations4 programs, or other interactive challenges and programs, can also be integrated into the Health Ci mobile app.

Content provided to the participant by their coach (phone, on-site or virtual coach) is made available within the app.

Organisational Insights

From the Health Ci data, app engagement and deidentified coaching data the Health Ci Dashboards provide a clear and concise overview of the current and historical organisational concerns, Health Ci engagement and results of the intervention.

A breakdown of geographical and demographic information further helps to identify specific trends or issues and enables our coaches in partnership with your team to mitigate the influences.

This level of insight enables a highly collaborative approach between the organisation and HBP Group that inevitably leads to the best outcomes for individuals and the organisation.

Specific components of the Health Ci dashboard can be tailored to the organisation to ensure that we display what matters most.

Outcome Insights

Beyond the organisational snapshot of program engagement and areas of greatest health and wellbeing concern, the live Health Ci Dashboard provides a clear overview of the programs effectiveness in delivering outcomes for individuals.

Outcome measures center around our keys to a successful health and wellbeing program:

  • Awareness: health and wellbeing literacy

  • Behaviour: what did the participant do as a result of the program

  • Change: long term behaviours

We also report on changes to the Health Ci scores as a result of coaching as well as the users experience.